Humboldt Imports seeks out small, family-run growers and makers, representing the best of both the New and Old Worlds.  We specialize in respectfully-produced wines delivering tradition, purity and value. 

When we started this company, we took inspiration and our name from the Humboldt Current, which originates in Antarctica and moves swiftly up the Pacific coast of South America, to the north. To us, Humboldt represents intensity and passion. 

In that same spirit, we aim to bring wines that represent the best traditions of the vintner's art, with minimal intervention in the vineyards and in the cellars.  All of our producers work sustainably, most are organic, many are fully biodynamic.  We work closely with our producers to bring their efforts to market, and to showcase these carefully produced, artisanal wines.



“Great wines are created by the deft hand of the winemaker, working with respect for the sun, the soil, the site and the fruit he is provided.  His job is to allow the fruit to express itself fully and to guide that expression, rather than to bend the gifts of the vineyard to his will.”

Tomas Buttazzoni, Managing Director