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From the tiny DO of Valdeorras (Valley of Gold, a reminder that the area was once home to a Roman gold extraction industry), Vina Abad produces a single wine, of 100% Godello.  Descended from vines introduced by those same Romans, Godello was nearly driven to extinction in the 19th and 20th Centuries, but a strong effort since the 1970's has brought this unique grape back from the brink.  Today there are some 1,500 hectares of Godello planted in the DO and in nearby regions including parts of Bierzo and northern Portugal.


Penedo Grupal Lineal.jpg

The vineyards, mostly on valley floor of the Sil river, are rich and fertile, and the climate is fairly moderate with high rainfall.  Godello (Gouveio in Portugal) is a variety that thrives under these conditions, producing a crisp but richly-flavored wine unique to this small district.

vina abad


VARIETAL: 100% Godello


TASTING NOTES: Light gold. Delicate aromas of lemon, honeysuckle and melon, with hints of flint and vanilla. Elegant and precise, it finishes long and dry, with good minerality.