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The Bohigas wines family brand finds its origin in the privileged area of the Conca de l’Anoia (the basin of the Anoia river) near the town of Òdena (Catalonia, Spain), where we find the underground cellars and vineyards of Can Macià. For more than eight centuries the family has tended its vineyards, which have benefitted greatly from the closeness of the Anoia river, while respecting the land and searching for a way to express itself through the varieties that have adapted to it best.

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Rossinyol de Moragas Brut / D.O. Cava

This Cava is made out of the three classical grape varieties: Macabeo, X-arello and Parellada, through the traditional Cava method or Champenoise method (second fermentation in the bottle).

Alc/bot: 12%

Sugar Dosage: Brut: 6gr/l