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Carol Shelton is one of America’s most innovative and highly­respected winemakers. With over 35 years making wines from some of California’s finest vineyard sites, Carol Shelton has won Winemaker of the Year five times.

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She has countless gold medals for her wines and was named one of eight Pioneer Women Winemakers of Sonoma County in 2005. She continues to win awards and accolades – her 2011 Wild Thing Zinfandel was included in the Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2014.

With many harvests under her belt and her passion for winemaking still strong, Carol Shelton has become an iconic woman winemaker. For Carol, the best is yet to come.

Wild Thing Chardonnay

Carol’s 2015 Chardonnay is our golden-haired wild child, an exuberant and delectable mouthful of joy. Sourced from her estate vineyard in Dry Creek Valley, this vivacious white wine is a classic California Chardonnay with a delicate balance of richness and acidity to please all the Wild Things out there… Remember, you are what you drink!.


High up in the Sierra Nevada, in the California Gold Country town of Auburn lies this gem of a vineyard of Viognier, planted and managed by the father and son team of John and Joe Damiano.  When picked just a bit less ripe than many California Viogniers, the fruit expresses lively citrus and gentle white flower aromatics, while barrel fermentation in mostly older French oak barrels leads to a wine of perfect structure and creamy-crispy balance.


Coquille Blanc

Coquille is pronounced “ko-keel” and it is French for shellfish or scallop, like the scallop shells on the Shelton family coat of arms. Carol is well-known for her delicious Zinfandels, something not as well-known by her fans is her reverence for White Rhone-style blends. Coquille Blanc is the white wine she always wanted to make – exotic, complex, balanced, luscious and food friendly, it is the perfect complement for its French namesake, scallops, or any other shellfish, fish or poultry that might be on the menu.

Wild Thing Rendezvous Rose

A rendezvous with friends is all the more delicious a pleasure over a bottle of luscious chilled dry rosé, hence the name of our Rendezvous Rosé.  Created by bleeding half of the “pink” juice off of red Carignane grapes a full three days after crushing them, it is fermented cold like a white wine to retain every luscious drop of crisp strawberry fruitiness.

Wild Thing Zinfandel

Old Vine Mendocino Zinfandel is a treasure. Grown on the benchlands and slopes of mountainsides — this 60 plus year old vine Zinfandel was named for these wild- looking vines and also for the uninoculated, or “wild,” yeast ferment that was used to create it.  It takes a lot of effort to tame this wild fruit, but it is worth all the trouble. Wild Thing is dangerously good! Remember – you are what you drink ….

Pizzaz Zinfandel

We chose to honor Charlie Piazza’s half century of growing in Lodi by making an anagram of his name to christen this classic old-style Zin.  These gnarly head-trained vines deliver brilliant wild cherry jam on a milk chocolate-marshmallow background.  S’more, please!

Rocky Reserve Zinfandel

The name for our reserve wine, Rocky Reserve®, comes from the deep red, rocky soils of the Florence Vineyard in Rockpile, 1400 feet above Lake Sonoma and Dry Creek Valley. This is a more elegant and restrained Zin, worthy of ten or more years of cellaring, though it is enjoyable now since it is packed with fragrant black and blue berry fruits

Monga Zinfandel

Monga is BACK! The long-awaited 2014 vintage is finally available. Big, bold, spicy and complex, and unique in style and terroir, Monga is Old Vine Zinfandel from the Lopez Vineyard, located in Southern California’s Cucamonga Valley.

Karma Reserve Red

Despite the drought in 2014, we found ourselves with a little excess from some of Sonoma County’s great vineyards. Bastoni Vineyard Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Alicante Bouschet are the core of our new Karma Reserve Red Blend with pretty elements brought to the mix with mountain grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Old Vine Carignane, and small lots of Old Vine Zinfandel and Dry Creek Valley Petite Sirah. With access to this great fruit, how could we resist putting it all together to create a luxurious blend meant to knock your socks off!

Black Magic Dessert Zinfandel

Every once in a while, a twist of fate can deal a quirky hand, and with a stroke of magic it can become an enchanting experience. Black Magic Late Harvest Zinfandel conjures up a charming finale for a delicious meal—lusciously jammy and sweet, it complements many foods from savory cheese plates to decadent chocolate desserts. Abracadabra! <Extremely Limited Production>